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ARY Digital dramas are popular TV shows from Pakistan that cover a lot of interesting topics and are fun to watch. They have really good actors and are made with high-quality production. You can watch the latest episodes by checking when they're on and watching them live on TV.

Mann Aangan Drama Cast Release date

4. Mann Aangan (2023)

10 Rating | Drama
Mann Aangan drama Story revolve around the Love and Romance. A brand new drama serial with a compelling story that will have you hooked. Mann Aangan is a unique story of a house where the eldest and the only son-in-law is running the household. The younger two sisters and his mother-in-law are so dependent on him that he even decides where they’ll be studying and where not.
Director: Salman Sirhindi, Hisham Syed | Stars: Anmol Baloch, Mirza Zain Baig, Imran Aslam, Shazeal Shoukat
Sar-e-Rah Drama cast, Release date

5. Sar-e-Rah (2023)

9 Rating | Drama, Family
Sar e Rah Drama will share the stories of women who are the victim of child marriages, girls who are being suffocated solely because of their gender, daughters who are unable to help their fathers as their honor will be at “stake” and transgenders/intersex persons who are being humiliated for their identity. Belonging to a lower middle-class background, Rania, played by Saba Qamar always wanted to be a doctor, but her circumstances didn’t allow her to be so.
Director: Adeel Bhatti | Stars: Saba Qamar , Muneeb Butt, Saboor Aly, Hareem Farooq
Kuch Ankahi

7. Kuch Ankahi (2023)

5 Rating | Family, Love
Kuch Ankahi drama is a modern day and light-hearted drama that is full of messages. Kuch Ankahi drama discusses issues relating to women’s legal and religious right to property, harassment at workplace, pressurizing girls for marriage, body shaming and many more problems prevailing in Pakistani society, wrapped in humor and with. Kuch Ankahi Drama plot revolves around Syed Mohammad Ahmed as Agha Jan’s ancestral house where he lives with his three daughters. Agha is not willing to share the property with his sister. His second daughter Sajal Aly as Aliya is working day in and day out to settle the claims over the house. The story also takes an amazing turn when Bilal abbas as Salman – another young real estate agent – enters their house as a tenant.
Director: Nadeem Baig (director) | Stars: Sajal Ali, Bilal Abbas Khan, Qudsia Ali, Mira Sethi
Samjhota Drama Cast

8. Samjhota (2023)

5 Rating | Family
Samjota drama serial that is ready to take over your screens with a stellar cast and a captivating story! Samjhota Drama Starting 16th January 2023, Monday to Thursday at 9:00 PM - only on official channel ARY Digital. The story revolves around the life of a family. Ali Ansari and Adeel Chaudhry are performing the role of brothers.
Director: Asad Jabal | Stars: Saba Faisal, Javed Sheikh, Shaista Lodhi , Adeel Chaudhry
Tere Bina Mein Nahi Drama Cast

9. Tere Bina Mein Nahi (2022)

5 Rating | Family, Love
Upcoming ARY Digital Drama is bringing you another enchanting love story featuring the gorgeous Sonya Hussain, Aiza Awan, and the very handsome Shehzad Sheikh. The story of the drama serial Tere Bina Mein Nahi revolves around a girl Noor-ul-Ain. Sonya Hussain has played the role of Noor-ul-Ain. She loves Murtaza but he is also madly in love with her. But her best friend Tehniyat also loves Murtaza.
Director: Ali Masud Saeed | Stars: Shahzad Sheikh, Sonya Hussyn, Aiza Awan, Bushra Ansari
Muqaddar Ka Sitara Drama

10. Muqaddar Ka Sitara (2022)

1 Rating | Family, Romance
Muqaddar Ka Sitara starts from 19th of December 2022 Featuring Fatima Effendi, Arez Ahmed and Inayat Khan. Muqaddar Ka Sitara drama deals with some real issues in our society where marriage plays a very important role. Love marriages are still considered taboo in our society so arrange marriages decide the future of the young ones. This drama depicts how arrange marriages could result in toxicity and disturbances in life, especially for girls. Parents of young men think that their spoiled child could only become better after marriage but things keep on worsening.
Director: Saqib Zafar | Stars: Fatima Effendi Kanwar, Arez Ahmed, Babar Ali, Nadia Hussain
Hook Ary Drama

11. Hook (2022)

5 Rating | Family, Love
Hook Drama is a charming plot, starring the legendary Faysal Quraishi and the gorgeous Kinza Hashmi. Faysal Qureshi and Saima Noor are married in the drama. Faysal’s character had to get married to an older woman (Saima Noor’s character) and now he is bitter about it. Kinza as Haya is a beautiful girl who likes Zain Baig as Zayyan. Both of them are soon going to get married when Haya’s university fellow comes to the page. His name is Shehroaz as Shaheer. He claims to love Haya passionately and could go to any end to get her. However, Haya has no feelings for him. In his outrage and passion towards his love, Shaheer dies.
Director: Mohsin Mirza | Stars: Faysal Quraishi, Kinza Hashmi, Saima Noor, Hina Dilpazeer
Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha

12. Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha (2022)

9.5 Rating | Love, Romance
Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Drama story is going to be intense and full of love between Hania as Maheer, Wahaj Ali as Saad, and Zaviyar Noman as (Areeb). Hania is the center of this love triangle and Wahaj and Zaviyar love her. Wahaj is seen in the role of an artist who loves Hania unconditionally and who could go to all extremes to get her. On the other hand, Zaviyar also falls in love with her at first sight during a family event. Hania has to choose between the two. Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Drama is a love triangle between Maheer, Saad, and Areeb. Saad has always been in love with his cousin Maheer but when he fails to confess it to her, life takes a different turn; and Areeb enters the frame. Due to a little misunderstanding, things start to fall apart and trust between the lovers shatters. Wahaj Ali as Saad is Maheer’s cousin. His friendship with her grew into love as they grew old. He loves Maheer and is even willing to sacrifice his self-respect for that, but unfortunately, the feeling isn’t mutual. Shahood Alvi as Azhar is Maheer’s father, who wants his daughter to marry his nephew Saad. Azhar works in a private company and is a very simple man, for whom respect has more value than money. He wants Maheer to stay happy.
Director: Badar Mehmood | Stars: Hania Aamir, Wahaj Ali, Zaviyar Noman, Shahood Alvi

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